Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Purpose 4: Family and friend.

This would be another reason of blogging which i label as family and friends. as what it is labels, I will write anything about my family and also friends.

Currently I am staying with 4 most trusted person in JB. Jimmy, Kath, Kath and Ham. Ham is the newbie in our house. We rented this house and it's very nice besides some of the defect. Here are some of the role in our home:

Kath: Tuai Rumah.
Kath: Breakfast
Me: Nobody
Jim: Cook
Ham: Newbie.

All of us are working in the professional fields. We are actually struggle to live far from home but i believe each of us doing our best for our future. On the other hands, despite the busy working life, we are actually try to rock the house every chance we had. That's the story I want to write about.

Our most recent activity-Mosquito Killing Spree Campaign.

Purpose 3: Faith

Do I 100% believe in God? Yes. But do I follow 100% of God's will? Sadly no. I bet you if it's 100% then I am not human being. Am not perfect. Perfect is boring, human being is interesting. It's hard to be Christian. A real true Christian. it's not easy to carry the cross.

My reflex myself and knew that my faith sometimes strong and most of the time weak. Sadly but true. I am still on my long journey finding God. I am looking my purpose of life.

Once in secondary 1, My homerun teacher asked what is my ambition. I hesitate that time cause I know i don't feel like i want to be anyone. I just don't know. But the teacher insist. Then I got the thought and said I want to be a politician, teacher and PRIEST. But as I grow up along the journey with God, I don't feel much interested to be Priest. LOL.

So my purpose of this blog is to write anything in my daily life or previous event that related to my faith.  One of the thing i want to mention here is about my friends in GIFT.  It is the Catholic Student Society in UTM. although I am no longer a student, i loves joining and being around with them.  I am very grateful for being gifter as it really makes my life as a student worthful.  GIFT really makes me the person I am today and I believe this is GOD's will.

One of the most memorable moment with GIFT.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Purpose 2:Engineering.

Engineering?  yup Inginieur.

Do i want to be an IR? Yes but not now. I got only a little knowledge in civil engineering. I need to be like a sponge, absorb all the practical knowledge from all the time I am working now.  

Catwalk at site

I start working since 10 August 2009, now it had been more the 1 year. Thanks to Ir Law Kok Hong, my project manager whom accept me with RM1400/month as starting.  I am still humble towards all the consultants and the clients.  my work involve 3D. Dangerous, Dirty and Degrading.  yes and sadly but it still money making and provide bread to most of the foreign worker.

Standing at 11th floor of Block F

At this moment, I am into management of site. less into design. but management is really crucial in my company cause it really lack of it.  In my office, we have come and go site supervisor, 1 good coordinator, 1 loyal clerk, 1 assistant purchaser, and me the engineer.  the QS mostly will come after afternoon, my project Manager only come on monday till thursday, my purchase manage will come to site office when necessary.  I love them all cause they really care bout each other and very helpful.  recently we had always plan thing together like giant sandwich making and also the upcoming steamboat.

I had met a lot type of human being here.  Mostly con people. yeah!   One more problem with this site is that, my boss (the owner of the company) does not trust anyone in the company regardless how long have you been working here.  He was always be at site monitoring the job which is not proper as he seem to be not a technical person.  He can do anything he want whether its wrong or right. Mostly wrong.  I don't care cause he just don't want to listen or trust me. I had heard that he did not fully pay the sub contractors but keep on claiming to other people that the sub contractor had received more. 

The unfinished bussiness of Block C.

Our site situation right now seems to be the worst. the Client does not pay my boss and my boss told me in person that he had used up his millions money.  All major work are halt and only minor work like apron drain, pit cover, housekeeping are done daily. it had been about a month.  my coordinator keep pushing all the supervisors to do their job. most of the machinery got nothing to do. Only the rented JCB and Excavator moving around.  but I still think that its such a bad situation cause all cost of rental and workers are still counted regardless whether they really do work or not.

Playing with the excavator

I had a doubt that I will not get my salary this month, i am scared cause I might not be able to go back home for Christmas.  This late afternoon, my coordinator told me that my Project manager had resigned but I still can call him if i need anything. Damn! the only person that i can count to had resigned, I was wondering what am i doing here!?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Purpose 1: Modeling

It's kinda awkward and shameful most of the time if i say this to someone else but fo those who really care about me they will support me. Thanks them.  Because of them, I became brave enough to tell the world that...

I want to be a model.

not loud enough?

I want to be a MODEL!

Still can't hear me?  



It's had always been my secret passion because i wasn't dare to tell anyone about it.  Another reason is that I felt that I am not tall enough to be the typical male model.  

I got few friends that I would like to mention here. number one is Andy Wee my school mate till secondary school. Once in an introductory of Economic class, Miss Debbie Goh our teacher asked what we want to be after finish study.  Then this guy Andy said "I want to be a steward...(pause a second)... model or I don't know".  wow, sincerely from his mind saying that. but when I asked him the next days, he didn't want to admit it. LOL...Andy is a tall  good looking guy that i know. I hope he really have the guts to chase his dream. (I think he had change his mind years after).

Second pArson that I want to talk about is Bartholomew whom I know since Matriculation in Labuan. During Uni life, we met during a ICG a catholic camp in Penang. He was very obsessed about the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency reality show.  He once admit to me that he want to be a Model. But I know this guy,  Meo who claim to be 170cm tall is quite famous for being indecisive and mind changing pArson. So, just in a few months i had never heard of him talking about this show anymore. But he really start me to figure thing about modeling.

Third pArson is no one but my own Aunty...Auntie Ann. My sweet aunty who stay in JB right now.  She really have the model look, style and height and even walk.  Once i was staying with her family, she mentioned to me that she would one day send Casey one of her daughter to a nearby modeling agency. jokingly she said that if the agency would like to accept casey and also herself...she would gladly accept it.

There are more pArsons that I really wanna mention here...like my sisters Gail and Bella who have the passion to modeling, my friends in GIFT like Anthea and Bunga whom said that if they were tall enough they sure will go for modeling, Karlvin only admit when he drunk, Freddie whom have everything to be a model but hesitate to start...and more.  But few are enough I guess.


There a few challenges for me to break through  my dream. My job - site engineer.  The commitment for this job really obstruct my commitment for modeling and also others. But it is also my income. I really have to figure out what to do in order not to jeopardize both my job and passion.  sometimes I wanna try to pause my job and get into modeling for few years then get back to engineering.  But I will wait till the right time comes.  

Another challenge that i need to take is that I am not tall enough. Not 6' but only 5'10". it's kinda hard for short male to get into this industry unless he is really attractive.  I have a friend name Syed from Malacca who is short about 5'6" but he manage to do modeling successfully.  He got a lot of modeling assignment despite being a student.  Another model that I just googled whose name is Edrenalin got 5'8" height but had been a phenomenal in Australia. I believe being model is not ONLY about the height but also how you brought yourself into the industry.



Getting Started

How to start?  after knowing that this is what really I want, I am not going sit around and wait until I got any offer or found by model scout. I believe most of the supermodels was found by scout agent, some went to modeling school, some join the beauty pageant and some went to many agencies to get agent and more.   I am not that good I know. I need to put more effort if i really want to get this. It is not easy.  But first thing I need to do is initiation...I need to start soon.

New purpose of blogging...

Hello anyone here?

Hello world...(famous phrase for learning programming)

sup? (what's up)  now I got internet connection in my room, it make easier for me to blog.  all this while I was on and off and on blogging because it's kinda hard to get the time and internet connection for this blog. well this is my recent photo...people say I am getting some  fat and it far way better. I'm glad..

well this entry only written by me in order to inform the world that I had found a new purpose of blogging...see ya...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


yeah I'm 25 years old already...still trying hard chasing my dream.
thanks for all the wishes and celebration friends...
Happy birthday to my self....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What about now?

It's so long that i had any updates for my entries but I don't think anyone care.

So what about now?  i working already...as a junior site Engineer.

It's a great experience to be junior whereby you can simply but in manners say:



"please teach me"

and so on and on and most of the time i get the help from others.

my project is Taman Seri Molek Perdana which is a construction of 972 units of affordable houses.  6 blocks consist of 1 low cost, 2 medium cost and 3 high end apartment.

as a site engineer, i am suppose to take care of all the technical matter at site and the drawing is my bible. I hope i can grow and be a professional some day. God guide me. 

Friday, December 05, 2008

MON my friend...thank you

I know this is my chance to see the other dimension of Malaysia whom self-proclaim to be Malaysia Truly Asia. I cannot wat until the day come. I was assigned to be expose to the Mon Refugee Organization (M.R.O) in Kuala Lumpur (K.L) together with Anglina Albinus. I had contact the leader, Nay Thy Wonna of MRO and we were given their address. On 27th November 2008, the first part of the exposure was taken place at Perch, Batu Arang, Selangor. Reaching there traveling by busses and trains. I learned the house is built up for the marginalized sick people and I can see many of them. I got the chance to know a Myanmar boy name Amon who can plays the guitar very good and we sing some songs for whole evening for everyone. Other than that, the whole salt exposure group was introduced to Rosemary who is the head of the A.C.T.S (A Call To Serve) organization which serve the needy. I stay at the Shelter home with the Myanmar Refugees for a night.

Next morning, Angelina and I travel to KL together with other teams. On the journey, the leader Wonna keep on asking where are we. I felt Nay Thy Wonna really cannot wait to see us and he was worried that we may had got lost. When we reach Pudu, he fetch us. I can immediately feel his friendliness and kindness when he fetch us with eagerness and big smile. The MRO office is situated at 9th Floor, Pudu Plaza, KL. The place was very good, clean and well order. I feel that the community is trying very hard to make a good living there. Then we shared about the life in the MRO, I got the know few people, wonna whom work as a social worker, Jowen the English teacher and more. Most of sharing is about their reason and journey to Malaysia.

One of the best sharing among them was by Kong Chan Khit a young man who was about my age. He is among the well English speaking Mon people and a University of Moulmein student whom did not finished because of the country situation. He came to Malaysia in 2004 because he was force to join the military. He escaped and manage to come to Malaysia through Thailand. Each border crossing, he need to pay the agent a lot sum of money. He was drop at Butterworth, Penang and was force to work without salary for 7 months. At one point of his years in Malaysia, he met a good man named Mr. Kong whom sponsor his education fee in APIIT college K.L. But after some years, the man leave for Taiwan. He had lot of working experience as a refugee in Malaysia and he was among the lucky one because he never got caught or beaten by police, RELA force or the bad citizens. Kong had also share some story about the Mon Dynasty whom once the most feared Kingdom but now no more. Even the Mon people was slowly converted to become Burmese when the Junta order arise. Many of them were killed and run to other country. Kong is now waiting for the UN to send him to the third country. Kong is a very humble man. Although he had his own room, he rather sleep outside at the living room accompanying me for the two nights.

Other than that, I had the chance to go to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur accompanying Wonna and one friend a Mon member name Nay Chek Goon. Sadly he was suspected to have dengue. I hope he get well soon.

On the last day of exposure, I took the chance to take many photos of the good refugee friends even with the kids. I hope to stay longer because they are very nice to me. They also presented me their annual T-shirt, badge, and towel, I also bought myself a “gloit” a tradition cloth like ‘sarong’.I am kind of feeling heavy hearted to leave them, I really wish God bless them with happiness and solve their problems. I hope Myanmar obtained it democracy sooner. I will just pray.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Oh my English~

Gosh, I re-read my most recent post and i realized that my English writing is getting worse than before. I hope to brush up my tongue. talking about language. I am quite lucky to be able to speak in three major languages which are English, Malay and Mandarin.

I would like to thank my mum and dad whom sent me to SRJK school (mandarin medium school), and my aunties (I don't know which one) whom asked my parents to sent their children to go for Chinese School for good. Still remember Mrs Lee, my standard 5 English teacher whom I loved most because of her interesting class and also my aunties whom shows me the important of English language.

Mandarin? I just dont know since wheni was able to converse in it. When i was in the primary school all the subjects were taught in Mandarin except for language classes. So I just lived with it for 7 years (including kindergarden). i was punished by my teachers while he curse Mandarin language, My chinese friend talked to me in Mandarin, go for mandarin tuition and more. What was the thing I proud the most is when my Chinese friends during standard 3 told me that i can pronounced Chinese words correctly just like them. But I never seriously learned chinese language, I just lived with it.

My BM? It's very useful and I am proud to be Malaysian. But to confess one things, I failed my Malay language paper for my UPSR (Government paper for standard 6) which i got E. Because of such result I had to enter Removing Class (is this correct?) and I spend one year in the most life changing class. there I met crazy, spoilt, and bully people and I started to do well in my study for the rest of my life. I loves that year.

One language that i feel bad not to be able to speak is my father tongue! yaiksss. Dusun/Kadazan language. I know few word which i guess only 0.001% of the language. Hahaha! despite the weekly mass in my village were using Dusun/Kadazan language, i failed to lived with it.

So, i want to learn Dusun/Kadazan. wish me luck